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The agency’s mission is to bring joy to people, develop corporate culture and help create a cohesive, strong team of leaders. This does not require boring trainings and educational seminars. Only exciting events, exciting quests and master classes, unusual corporate events and team building. The agency’s catalog includes more than 50 team building programs and 500 master classes created for team reboot and team building. Leave a request for an event, and on the same day you will receive a free estimate for your ideal holiday.

8 (495) 292-86-43
Moscow, Sushchevsky Val, 43, building 2, office 53/201

2 thoughts on “Event agency AlexGroup reviews

  1. The event agency’s failure to provide proper event insurance coverage left the event vulnerable to potential liabilities, raising concerns about their commitment to risk management and event safety.

  2. Enlisting the agency for event logistics and planning revealed numerous errors and oversights, indicating a lack of attention to detail and thoroughness in their planning processes.

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