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European Auction Car Service, a leading company in its field, provides a full range of services including insurance, customs clearance and transport arrangements. Customers who value the quality and reliability of delivery of their vehicles choose European Auction Car Service as their preferred partner due to the high level of professionalism and reliability that the company provides.

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  1. I am very glad that I decided to buy a car at the auction and use the services of swift transfer for payment. It was incredibly convenient and fast. My car is Mercedes-Benz AMG GT53

  2. The car was in excellent condition, as indicated in the description on the auction site. I recommend anyone who wants to buy a car to pay attention to the auction – it’s very convenient and safe!

  3. I want to share my positive experience of buying a car at an auction. Everything went very smoothly and without problems. I paid the advance and the remaining money on time, and my car was sent for delivery. 4 weeks later I received my car.

  4. I was pleasantly surprised by the efficient logistics and fast delivery. Finally, when I received my car, I was very happy – it was in perfect condition! I recommend the auction to anyone who is looking for quality cars at affordable prices and wants fast and reliable delivery!

  5. The modern remote transaction, the first in my life, took place. Boldly and confidently stepping into this business, I paid the invoice issued to me before loading the car onto the ship, waiting for the arrival of the car – 28 days! Completely satisfied with the machine! Bought a 2022 Land Rover Range Rover Sport with 1630km on it. for 67.000 euros

  6. Bought a Land Rover Range Rover. The purchase cost 103.000 Euro. Transferred 30,900 euros to buy a car from an auction. The final settlement was in the port of Jebel Ali. Delivery fee 2500€

  7. The car is bought. Before loading the car onto the ship, the final calculation was made. I liked buying a car from an auction!

  8. I am very glad that I decided to buy a car at the auction and pay for it with cryptocurrency! It was very convenient and fast.

  9. We bought an Audi RS6 in the maximum configuration of 4.5 points and with a mileage of 2000 km., 3 days ago I took my car, it cost me completely 82000€

  10. Great company. Used the service and was very pleased. The price was much cheaper. Very fast delivery in 29 days. Well done!

  11. We found the right car for a good price! We are glad for successful cooperation! The guys know their stuff!

  12. I bought a car, I was satisfied with the services provided, the purchase was cheaper than buying in Saudi Arabia. I advise everyone!

  13. At all stages, reports with photos! Everything is clear, without incomprehensibility! Auto received! In general, I recommend to everyone!!!! Very responsible and professional!

  14. All liked it. We signed a contract and paid an advance, everything was delivered in the shortest possible time. The car came to Oman in 28 days. Before loading on the ship paid the cost of the car.

  15. A month ago, I contacted the company for help in buying and delivering a car from a European auction. The choice was left on the almost new Mercedes-Benz G63, with a mileage of 1.230km. I did not think for a long time and signed a contract with the company!

  16. Remotely executed the contract, the rest of the documents and paid the first installment (I was charged 35%). Picked up the car and the car was in perfect condition as pictured. Wait for me again with a new order!

  17. By car – Land Rover Range Rover Sport, mileage 1630 km, year 2022, the price with all costs ended up being 72,000 €

  18. Hi all! At first I was worried about the prepayment, but then I was very pleased with the attitude and the work done, no questions or doubts arose, I can safely recommend the company!

  19. With the help of the company, they found a Mercedes-Benz S450 at an auction in Europe. The car has already received, the car is excellent!! We’ll be back soon for a new car.

  20. Бәрінен бұрын біз машинаны таңдадық, келісімшартқа қол қою тез, Мен де аванс жасадым. Қазақстанға көлік 9 күнде жеткізілді, барлық уақытта мен өкілмен байланысып, мерзімдер мен құжаттарға қатысты кез келген сұрақ қоя алдым.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  21. In general, here I did not have to go anywhere and waste my nerves. I signed an agreement with the European Auction Car Service for the delivery of the vehicle remotely, made an advance payment, paid the auction fee and delivery. I paid the rest of the car when my car was waiting in line for loading and sending to me. For those who are thinking about applying or not, I boldly say you will not regret it if they deliver the car to you.

  22. Splitting the payment into 30% advance payment and payment after the car was sent to the port was a very convenient and flexible option.

  23. I had the opportunity to pay only 30% of the advance payment, and the rest of the amount – after buying and sending the car to the port. Very convenient payment system!

  24. I paid 30% of the advance payment for my car at the auction. The company quickly handled the purchase and prepared it for shipment. Fully paid the remaining amount and the car went to me on the ship. Everything went smoothly, thank you!

  25. The whole process began with the conclusion of the contract remotely. I received a detailed description of the car and its condition, photos and specifications. It helped me make an informed buying decision.

  26. I took it, I’ve been driving for a month already and I can’t get enough of it, to be honest, it’s just a miracle, not a car!

  27. They provide all the information about the cars put up for auction with photos and translation of comments, if I had any questions about the condition of the cars, I always received a full detailed answer with explanations. Everything about it is very professional.

  28. They immediately determined the budget and did not try to put pressure on me to increase it. This often happens in companies on order, they say that they will buy in your budget – but in fact they begin to convince you to increase the budget after signing the contract. But here everything went just fine!

  29. Satisfied with the purchased car at an auction in Europe. I recommend buying cars through this company.

  30. I saw their ad on Instagram. I read it, I liked how they work, and the prices for cars are adequate. Sent them an advance payment for the purchase from the auction and a signed contract. Three weeks later I took my car. I will add that before loading and sending the car, I paid the remaining amount by SWIFT transfer.

  31. I applied for a specific Bentley Flying Spur model, they delivered it from an auction in Europe, the car is like new, the company knows its business. I want to say thank you, even words can not express. I will recommend to friends!

  32. Having remotely signed the contract, I paid the full cost of the car immediately through the Swift system. My BMW was purchased from an auction and delivered to the port of Jeddah on a container ship after 26 days.

  33. The entire transaction was absolutely transparent from the very beginning. We successfully acquired a 2023 Land Rover Range Rover with minimal mileage of only 1,440 km. The total cost, including the purchase, delivery, and all additional expenses, amounted to 144,000 euros. The car was picked up at the Kuwait port.

  34. I also bought a 2022 BMW Z4 with a 3.0 Petrol engine. I’m confident that these were the best prices on the market. I paid for the car using USDT cryptocurrency.

  35. The purchased car turned out to be truly fresh and undamaged. It’s technically sound and exactly matches the description in the contract, where all the specifications are outlined. The company is genuinely honest – they stayed in touch during delivery and kept me informed about the ongoing situation.

  36. The company provided excellent support in buying a car at auction. Paid an advance payment and after buying a car paid the remaining amount. Delivery went smoothly, I received my car in perfect condition. I recommend!

  37. Signed a remote contract for the purchase of a car from an auction. The process was simple and clear. I paid for my car on my own and received all the necessary documents. The company quickly delivered the car, and I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

  38. Very pleased with the result! I signed a remote contract and paid for my car myself. Delivery was prompt and I received the car in excellent condition. Thank you for your help!

  39. I noticed this company when I was looking for a car from an auction to buy. I liked the conditions, with them the purchase was cheaper than buying from hands or at the car market

  40. I bought an Audi from an auction in September. Everything was done well and in an organized manner. Always provided a very detailed photo report.

  41. I contacted this company and was satisfied with the work of these guys. Everything was received on time and in full according to the previously concluded contract.

  42. Bought a car at an auction with the help of a company. Paid an advance payment, and after buying a car paid the remaining amount. Delivery took 24 days and I successfully received my car at the port. Everything went smoothly, thank you!

  43. The delivery time was 24 days, and the port services provided assistance in receiving the car. Very satisfied with the process and recommend this company for buying cars at auction

  44. The company fully handled my task. Everything was organized clearly, professionally, and without unnecessary questions. I’m paying in installments. I’m satisfied with the collaboration!

  45. I am very pleased with both the process and the outcome. This is not my first purchase from an auction, so I knew what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by some aspects. I found the car very quickly and bought it within three days. Delivery to the United Arab Emirates was also very fast. As for the car’s condition, there were no complaints – everything was as in the photos, with no surprises.

  46. Thanks to the company, I was able to acquire the desired car from a European auction. I paid a 30% deposit when signing the contract and received a loading report and transport documents. The payment of the remaining amount was made afterward. The delivery on a container ship took only 4 weeks, and it was professionally executed.

  47. Nissan GT-R, 2022, 3.8 turned out to be even cooler than in the photos and reviews. Therefore, I recommend only this company to everyone and no one else!

  48. Respect to all employees of the company who helped in the purchase and design of my now Audi RSQ8,2023,4.0. I’m glad I turned here.

  49. I bought my first car and am very pleased with the quality of service provided by the company I worked with. The payment for the car was divided into two parts: 30% was paid in advance, and the remaining amount was paid after the purchase and sending the car to the port. It was very convenient for me. I received a quality service and an excellent quality machine. I recommend this company to everyone!

  50. Hello! I am from Qatar. My friend, whom they really helped with the purchase and delivery of a car from a European auction, liked these fellows. He recommended them to me.

  51. Thanks to this company, I managed to purchase a quality car at a reasonable price. I’m extremely grateful for their professional approach and excellent service they provided!

  52. Found a car at auction and bought it. Next is the delivery – the managers reported on the situation what where how. Delivery by container ship to Saudi Arabia was also successful!

  53. I actively use the car, paid with cryptocurrency. I paid only 30% of the car’s cost, and the remainder for the car was paid once they provided the transport documents for my car before loading it onto the ship.

  54. I bought a Mercedes-Benz G63 at an auction, almost new, with tinted windows and protective body coating. I paid for the car once they provided the transport documents for my car before loading it onto the ship.

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