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By ultradmin Sep 19, 2023

AG Luxury Properties are specializing in residential and commercial properties. Through the years of experience of our professional Brokers who lead the Company, and the transversal skills of selected teamwork, our extensive network of industry contacts we accompany our customers in every phase of the process, establishing a beneficial and mutual relationship of trust and transparency. Besides competence, it is the ability to create a strong connection with the customer that has always distinguished us.

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  1. This company failed to provide us with comprehensive information about the property’s condition and concealed key details from us. Their agents showed no initiative and couldn’t offer us suitable options. The company consistently pushed expensive properties on us, ignoring our financial constraints. We encountered highly ineffective communication from this company, which slowed down the transaction process. They didn’t meet the promised deadlines, disrupting our plans to move.

  2. This company employed fraudulent tactics to pressure us into closing a deal. Their agents made false promises about the future property value, which turned out to be untrue. The company made serious errors in documentation, forcing us to spend significant time and money to correct them. We faced their incompetence during inspections, resulting in additional expenses. Customer handling by this company was far from professional, and we felt ignored.

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