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WhiteBit is an example of a successful financial project that has managed to combine accessibility, convenience and reliability. These are the three main qualities of a cryptocurrency platform that every potential client will first of all pay attention to. The whitebit startup received two licenses in Estonia at once and was registered there. These are licenses from the state that give the right to exchange processes and trade in fiat/cryptocurrency, as well as the storage of valuable assets of clients. The impressive fact is that about a year has passed since the inception of the company, and the trust in it is already higher than that of some of the main competitors (Exmo, LiveCoin, Kuna and BTC-Alpha). The whitebit project was created in early 2019 by Vladimir Nosov and a team of creative specialists. It is focused more on the user from the CIS, but is available in many countries and beyond. In addition to Russian, on the site you can choose English, Chinese and Estonian. But it should be noted that technical support additionally provides services in other languages, such as German, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese and Korean. You can get help in the Support-department every day and at any time of the day. The interface of the official site whitebit.com is understandable for beginners and familiar to experienced traders (there are configuration tools). For those who find it more convenient to make financial transactions via a smartphone, the developers have released a mobile application for Android and iOS systems. So far, 62 pairs with popular fiats and cryptocurrencies have been available for trading on the platform. Almost all valuable funds of crypto exchange users are stored in cold wallets.

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  1. RCB Coin really helps to understand trading and trade. It is convenient that the order parameters can be adjusted, it helps me a lot. I am in full control of the process and even if something does not work out, the losses are small.

  2. I also ran into Maxim Alexandrovich Safronov. Another beetle. They work as a team. The girls call the simpletons and pass them on to Maxim. And he further cleans up to the fullest. Those who are not in the subject will be circled in full. The charts are built and the deals are profitable, the increase in funds. Everything is seen. And then blocking on output. And you remain in full f … And then they start to intimidate. The calculation is based on gullible people.

  3. I wonder if there is a deposit insurance function here. That is, I pay some amount and, like, I can not worry about the deposit? but it is not entirely clear what real guarantees are. who figured it out?

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