Reviews about the law firm Federation of Lawyers “Bichurin and Partners” #2

Official site:
Phone: +7-977-791-1700
Address: Moscow, Novy Arbat 23, office 33

About company:
The Moscow Bar Association – Bichurin & Partners Federation of Lawyers is included in the register of the Moscow Bar Association. Created in 2016 by its founder and current president, Rinat Bichurin. The Moscow office team consists of experienced lawyers who have passed a

3 thoughts on “Reviews about the law firm Federation of Lawyers “Bichurin and Partners” #2

  1. For the money you can find much more interested lawyers. After the end of the contract, the customer and his requests are simply ignored. There are girls at the reception who do not pass on all the information, because of which, for example, I suffered specific material losses. The quality control service does not respond to claims. It is better to look for other performers. The laws are taught the same everywhere, and the location of the office does not matter.

  2. They spoke on the phone at the time of the installation that there would be 70 thousand per month, as a result, I got a job, I received 40 per month with a stretch. And I faithfully carried out all the instructions. A week before departure, he asked to book tickets, and they said that it was too early. Then by the day of departure they say that there are no tickets! Wonderful! Now we need to get tickets!

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