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Phone: +375291788410

Address:  220089, Dzerzhinsky av., 57,
office 14-1, 3rd floor,
Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Email: [email protected]



Segregation of client funds | 200+ trading instruments | spreads from 0.5 pips

the Brand LegacyFX is an established and trusted broker, providing a wide range of products and services for traders worldwide since 2017.


The company “AN All New Investments BY LLC” (operating under the LegacyFX brand) was registered on 12/14/2018 (UNP 193180778) with Company Registration number 193180778 (Certificate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus No. 17).

The activities of AN All New Investments BY LLC are regulated by Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 231 dated June 4, 2015 «On the implementation of activities in the OTC Forex market».

The software passed the compliance test at the NFC, Conclusion No. 26 dated 05/29/2019.


Knowledge is power – with this notion in mind, we established our education center. Our clients can find variety of video lessons, trading platform guiding tutorials and courses, download full eBooks on a wide range of subjects and enrich their knowledge in webinars presented by industry’s experts. On top of that, LegacyFX provide advanced trading tools and analysis and offers daily, weekly and monthly market researches.

4 thoughts on “LEGACYFX REVIEW

  1. Orders in LegacyFX are executed at the most unfavorable price, it is not clear who supplies quotes to this company, but obviously not liquidity providers! This does not suit me at all, so we say goodbye to LegacyFX.

  2. I don’t know with what fright people still believe the creators of such primitive sites like LegacyFx, who are not even able to provide evidence that everything is in order with the law and that the company’s clients regularly withdraw money. I can answer for myself and say that I personally lost about $ 1,400 on the platform, when back in March I registered and opened a Silver account. There was trading in currency pairs USD / AUD, EUR / CAD, EUR / CHF and so on, but only artificial slippages of 1-2% were constantly organized for me. As a result, 90% of the money on the balance sheet was drained.

  3. Broker legacy fx is a real offshore scam. They have one meta trader 5 platform to work with, everything seems to be not bad at first sight. But here’s the problem: they don’t bring transactions to the real market! All trade goes inside the system, and they love to drive their customers into a debt hole by imposing loans

  4. The spread widened from 2 pips to 5.3, as a result of which the deal closed with a much smaller profit than expected. The situation repeated itself three times. All attempts to contact LegacyFX customer support ended in nothing – they simply did not answer me! They didn’t even bother to write that they would deal with my question! Don’t invest your money here, you’ll be ripped off!

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