FXBull Review


Website: https://www.fxbull.io/



About company:

FxBull provides a state-of-the art trading platform and we maintain a safe online trading environment secured with the most sophisticated security protection technology in the world.
You can choose to invest on any of more than two hundred of the most popular assets, including commodities, currencies, stocks, and indices.
Please know that you are valued as a client and that we sincerely want you to succeed. When you open a FxBull account we will appoint a personal account executive to assist you.

3 thoughts on “FXBull Review

  1. It was not in vain that this scam (as it turned out later) seemed doubtful to me. Other companies are not shy about giving at least a little specificity, while FXBulls only hang noodles on their ears. Their standard client agreement will also not please a legally savvy person. So if I were you, I wouldn’t be too surprised when the money disappears from the account. Better pass by or look for a normal broker

  2. these fucking motherfuckers knocked me over 1000 bucks!! they themselves called, invited and promised money, and as soon as the money was transferred to them immediately into the bushes!

  3. I strongly advise against dealing with this fake company. The project was originally conceived to swindle naive traders who fell for an attractive wrapper. FXBulls simply cash in on honest people, manipulate you, persuade you to invest the latter, they can even “advise” you to take a loan. Needless to say, you yourself with your debts will stay?

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