1. I highly recommend working with Coin Market Solutions. This is a company that helps all its clients to earn money. How? And this is through various additional features and capabilities: market signals, recommendations, ready-made analytics. There are even insured operations. I once exceeded the risk, and in theory I should have had a big loss of -20% of the deposit, but instead, I kind of compensated for this loss, returned part of the money. Training courses here are aimed at different goals: they help beginners to learn more about the market, how to trade correctly, how to make money, and for professionals, they improve trading results and strengthen psychological moments. Ideal for self-education in trading. 0

  2. I traded with Coin Market Solutions. This is not at all the brokerage company that is suitable for stable, good and, most importantly, profitable trading. To trade and make money in the market, you need to be calm, you need to work on a trading strategy, follow all the rules. But how can you be relaxed and trade when deals are not opened? More precisely, they hang for a while at the opening, and then they are executed at prices that are unnecessary for me. How can you work calmly when some letters are constantly sent, managers call, and the platform crashes once an hour, and it needs to be restarted. Now, tell me how to work here? I don’t know. And it would be nice if there were adequate conditions, but in fact, there are not even normal conditions here, the leverage is too narrow, and the spreads are completely crazy. Trade at a loss even when I take a good move in points, from 10-20. How can this be explained? Fig knows. 1

  3. If you really want to trade cryptocurrencies or digital assets, well, as presented here, then this should be done in normal places. Google special exchanges that offer a similar service, but you should not do this in this company. Firstly, she does not have a real license to operate, she is hiding behind some other company, she herself is registered in an offshore, and not in Estonia, as we safely scratch. Secondly, there is no test trading option, or, in a simple way, a demo account. There should always be a demo so that you can practice, but there is no demo here. So why not work here. 2

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