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The main office of BitForex is located in Singapore, but the place of registration of the cryptocurrency exchange is in the Seychelles. The first question that comes to mind is: how did the exchange manage to reach such heights in such a short period of time? The thing is that the company is backed by large investors and the best developers. BitForex investors were Tencent, McKinsey, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft and Lenovo. The amount of investments amounts to tens of millions of US dollars. The exchange was developed by graduates of Columbia and Cambridge universities. Therefore, such success is a completely natural result of the work done. However, under the onslaught of new exchanges, BitForex is also gradually losing ground. The official website states that the platform is in the top 10 global cryptocurrency exchanges. And this statement was true before. But today BitForex is approaching the departure from the TOP-20.

3 thoughts on “BITFOREX REVIEW

  1. Delisted Nervos and many other tokens, without any warning, did not receive a single letter. You cannot withdraw it without paying them about $100 (including commissions), i.e. common scammers. I do not advise anyone!

  2. Gorgeous exchange, I’m just delighted!!! I’ve been testing their copy trading function for 3 months already (traders’ transactions are copied on a full machine), I invested in 8 top traders, 1st months + 10%, 2nd + 7%, 3rd + 17%. What is it all about in battles.

  3. If you want to learn how to trade, then this exchange is perfect for this. Here you can work with a demo account and trade not with real money! This is a very important point for beginners who constantly lose deposits on stupid mistakes. It will also be a great advantage to be able to trade through the platform

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